On the other hand, an office chair is relatively simpler than this variant and comes with limited flexibility. Also in terms of the aesthetics, a gaming chair is more dynamically designed, whereas an office chair is more subtle in its appearance. For a new level of support and unrivaled performance in a gaming chair. Most gaming chairs combine smooth-rolling casters with 360-degree swivel capabilities to enable effortless movement around your gaming area or working space. Some video game chairs have flexible reclining positions, while others have armrests that flip up and out of the way to make getting in and out of gaming chairs is effortless. It’s best to try furniture before you buy it, but that isn’t always the case for gaming chairs.

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Whether it’s the classy design or excellent build quality, noblechairs will satisfy the refined taste. The best gaming chairs encourage good posture, but the other half of the equation is on you to stick to it. You can find good or bad examples of both, and believe us there are plenty. That said, some office chairs are great for gaming and vice versa, and there are ‘office chairs’, like the Herman Miller Embody, that blend the line between both. “If you’re typing and working at the computer, you really want more upright support so that you can maintain neutral spine posture and let the chair hold you up,” she said. As far as accessibility goes, they’re not placed in the best positions.

Quality beyond the surface

The wheels are engineered for quieter operation and greater resistance to foreign objects and debris. The 5-star base keeps the chair solid, stable, and lightweight. Be the first to know about DWR special offers, new product launches and Studio events. Be the first to know about Herman Miller special offers, new product launches, and events.

As gamers and office workers, we spend a significant chunk of each day sitting on our money makers in front of screens. Given that most of us don’t plan to change that anytime soon, it only makes sense to do so in a great chair. Appearance-wise, the Rush leans more towards office-chic than a professional gamer.


This further adds to the comfort and support standards of the chair. The Raptor Ergonomic chair is designed with an ultra-thick foam, adjustable armrests, an adjustable headrest, and a wide and comfortable seat. With the adjustable armrests in three dimensions and removable headrest, you can 電競椅香港 customize your chair to your needs. The same materials keeping you comfortable are also highly durable. Ease into high-quality density foam that will keep the chair comfortable for many years to come. The stable carbon steel frame of some chairs will last for many long matches to come.

These special-edition gaming chairs offer not only the epitome of ergonomic design, but also effortless style and coveted colorways. For a pink gaming chair, white gaming chair, or teal gaming chair, look to the Sayl Chair, which offers a suspension back in a range of striking colors. Suitable for both work calls and video game streaming, Herman Miller’s gaming chairs make for the best office gaming chairs.

The height of the backrest is adjustable up to 5 inches, too, so the lumbar support is in the correct spot. And there’s an optional air-filled lumbar support that you can inflate while you sit in the chair. In fact, everything can be adjusted without standing and the handles all have different shapes to cut down on those sudden accidental seat height drops. Gaming chair also comes equipped with an external neck pillow that also supports the shoulders and your upper back. This maintains a healthy posture, in turn, offering ergonomic benefits. A gaming chair stands apart in the market for various reasons—race-car-inspired design, plush seating, ergonomic features, and more.


The lumbar support helps correct my posture – without much fuss. There are a few good reasons to pick the $499 (£299, AU800) Razer Iskur over others on this list. For instance, if you love the Razer brand, it’s a no-brainer. From its glowing green stitching to its three-headed snake logo to the snake-belly pattern on the back support, this is a chair for Gamers, by Gamers. Of all the numerous controls on the AirCentric 2, I believe the seat depth bar is the most important as it enables you to forgo the need for a separate lumbar control. It lets you move the seat to and fro so that the chair’s back is able to properly support yours — I found it quick and easy to dial it in correctly.

A pedestal gaming seat has an L-shape like the rocker chair, but includes a pedestal that allows you to sit higher off the ground. First, gaming chairs’ color and style options are generally very different from office chairs. Most office chairs focus on dark colors and earth tones, and have more traditional seat designs.

Where High Resiliency foam sits at approximately 2.5lbs per cubic foot, our foam stands up to 4lbs per cubic foot, inching it near the realm of memory foam. The elasticity of the foam helps prolong the comfort life of the chair and adds to the overall durability of the product. Established in 2014, Secretlab redefined an entire industry and what people think of gaming chairs. It’s that je ne sais quoi that is the merger of feeling good for hours while cradled by a gaming chair built for sport. It’s like sitting inside an athletic shoe built to make you enjoy any run you’re on. Unparalleled quality and comfort – that is noblechairs promise to anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk.

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